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Grimm: When Dreaming Ends [1/?]

Grimm-Dreaming Ends [made by charlottetrips]

AU. Nick Burkhardt and Juliette Silverton are living a contented life with their two year old daughter, Kasey, and working in jobs that they love. But in a single moment, one event can change everything; and today's the day when dreaming ends. Story takes place over the course of one day. Pre-series. First Grimm Fic.

Grimm: When Dreaming Ends

I was a fool to believe . . .
A fool to believe. . .
It all ends today. . .
Yes, it all ends today...”

- A Fool to Believe, From Moulin Rouge


Chapter One: A Morning just like any other

The kitchen was bustling with activity; the sounds of family life echoing through the lower floor while being heard as a low thrum from the hallway upstairs.

Nick Burkhardt couldn’t stop the smile that easily formed on his face, as he heard the welcoming sounds from below. Adjusting his shirt collar and rolling up his sleeves due to the warm weather Portland was experiencing, the young detective made his way down the stairs of the home he shared with his fiancée and their young daughter, Kasey, who had recently turned two. The pregnancy had been a surprise to the couple, as they had only been together for a year before Juliette had found out she was expecting, but after much discussion they had decided to keep the baby – and the couple hadn’t looked back since.

Walking through the hall, and stopping at the entrance to the kitchen, Nick couldn’t help the small chuckle that grew in the back of his throat at the apparent battle of wills that was currently taking place between mother and daughter.

“Come on, Sweetie,” Juliette spoke with a hint of exasperation, as she sat in a hard backed chair next to their daughter’s high chair. “Mommy and Daddy have to go to work.”

“No!” Kasey exclaimed, as she banged her little spoon like a drumstick against the table tray of her high chair. In front of the toddler was a little bowl containing what Nick could only assume to be her breakfast, as his current position didn’t allow him full view of its contents.

Juliette rolled her eyes and let out a small “urgh” in response to the two year olds stubbornness. If she was like this now, at the beginning of her second year, how were the terrible two’s going to progress as the year wore on?

Nick chose this moment to enter the kitchen, knowing from his own experience with dealing with Kasey and breakfast she would eat when she wanted to, and no amount of bribery from an exasperated Juliette was going to make her change her mind.
Walking over, the young detective placed his hands on Juliette’s bare shoulders and began to rub them in a massaging motion, as he planted a kiss amongst her slightly mussed red curls and murmured, “Good Morning,”

Juliette made a low hum in the back of her throat as she leant back into Nick’s torso, and offered him a tired smile as she reached back to take one of his hands in her own; planting a soft kiss on the back of a his calloused palm. Despite her exasperation at their daughter’s current stubborn streak, the young Vet was happy with Nick and the small family they had made together- despite the unexpected parenthood that both took to better than their friends had expected.

“Morning,” Juliette replied with a smile, as she locked eyes with Nick who stood just above her, in a slightly bent over position from where he had bent to plant a kiss in Juliette’s hair.

“Dada,” Kasey shouted excitedly, as she stopped her drumming and instead, began to wriggle in her highchair.

Juliette bent her head to hide her amused smirk, while Nick chuckled at their daughter’s sudden change in temperament.

“She’s her father’s daughter, alright.” The young vet mused as she used Nick’s hand to cover her mouth to stifle the laugh she could feel bubbling toward the surface. She couldn’t always stay the stern parent when their daughter could be as cute as she could be stubborn.

Nick’s shoulder’s shook in silent amusement. “But she has her Mom’s temperament,” he said, with a gentle squeeze to the shoulder he was still holding.

Juliette gave Nick’s bare arm a light tap in mock indignation. “She has you wrapped around her little finger, and we both know it,” with a raised eyebrow raised knowingly – their faces now inches apart as Nick’s chin now rested on Juliette’s shoulder.

“Hmm, you’re probably right,” Nick murmured in agreement, as he planted another kiss on Juliette’s cheek and gave her a smile.

In front of them, Kasey covered her eyes in a peek-a-boo motion and let out a small “Eww," at her parent’s actions.

“You go and get ready – I’ll sort Kase out.” He said, as he straightened up and offered Juliette his hand, which used as leverage to stand up a moment later.

“Okay,” Juliette smiled, kissing his cheek, before turning to Kasey whose hand’s still covered her eyes. “Kase, what are you doing?”

The toddler’s finger’s spread, as the two year old repeated at the pair, “Eww,”

“Eww?” Juliette repeated. She turned back to Nick and prodded him gently. “Hank is a bad influence,”

Nick grinned. “Maybe, but you have to admit; he is a good babysitter in an emergency.”

“Hmm,” Juliette pondered. “You may be right.”

“You love him really,” Nick smirked, as he and Juliette separated as she headed toward the hall.

“I love you more,” Juliette replied, with a slight swing of her pyjama covered hips, and her own mischievous smirk.

“Love you too,” Nick replied with a smile, before turning back to the toddler who had now lowered her hands.

“M’Dada,” Kasey repeated, as she offered a toothy grin.

“And good morning to you,” Nick replied, with the smile often reserved for the youngster, as he came over and deftly lifted the two year old out of her high chair and sat her in the crook of his arm while making his way to switch on the kettle.

“You not hungry?” he asked, as he leant against the counter while he waited for the familiar click to say the kettle had finished boiling the water, and met Kasey’s similar pair of eyes that held a mixture of blue/green.

“No,” Kasey answered with a shake of her head.

“No?” Nick repeated, as he bounced the little girl lightly, eliciting a small giggle from her. Kasey shook her head silently.

“Hmm,” Nick brought the back of his hand to her forehead and felt the slight warmth there. “Well, you feel a bit warm,” he mused.

Kasey lifted her own small hand up to Nick’s forehead in repetition and said a moment later. “’arm”

“Am I?” Nick asked lightly, as the kettle clicked off. “Well, it is pretty warm today,” he answered.

“to’ay” Kasey parroted.

“Yup,” Nick nodded, as he used his free hand to pour some of the hot water into the coffee cup Juliette must have set out while making her tea.

“Alright,” Nick said, a few moments later after setting his cup on the table beside the chair Juliette vacated next to the highchair and sat the little girl in his lap and pulled over the bowl containing some finger cereal – something Kasey had been hooked on for a while now. ”let’s try and get a little bit if this down okay? You don’t have to finish it, just have some.”

Kasey still looked unsure at the food, half hiding her face in Nick’s shoulder, but she gave a small nod.

“That’s my girl,” Nick smiled, as he planted a kiss in Kasey’s curled hair.



Tags: c: juliette silverton, c: kasey burkhardt (oc), c: nick burkhardt, g: family, g: friendship, p: nick/juliette, rating: pg-13, status: wip, timeframe: pre-series, tv: grimm

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